Monday, January 18, 2010

Day two

So I worked out again today (if you can call my walk yesterday a workout). Yay. My goal is to simply MOVE everyday, whether it be walking, running, ellipticizing, yoga, whatever. As long as I'm off my bum and moving around for at least 20 minutes, I'll be happy. I rode the recumbent bike at work for 15 mins during my lunch break and then came home and got straight on the treadmill. I was on for about 45 minutes and did a mile and a half of running and 1.76 miles of walking with an incline. I only planned on being on for about 20 minutes which turned into 30. Then some old school Michael Jackson came on my ipod and propelled me for another 15 minutes. I know a lot of people hate the treadmill (and I certainly agree that the scenery doesn't quite compare to running outside) but I feel like I often stay on longer than planned because I try to make either the time or distance a somewhat "round" number. I doubt I'd do that on an out and back run or just a walk around my neighborhood. Score 1 for the 'mill.

I'm debating whether I should sign up for the Country Music 1/2 Marathon in April. It's wicked expensive: $105 (this is more than I paid for the Marine Corps MARATHON) and is only about 3 months away. I have read a lot of great things about the rock n roll marathon series, which this race belongs to, but am worried about signing up for another race after I crapped out on Chicago. That was a very different situation and wasn't 40 minutes away but I'm still feeling gun-shy. I guess I will give it a few more days. It would also help if anyone else wanted to run with me. Kim and her husband Jeff are sitting it out because it's so pricey and because she's in school and will have limited time to train. Hmmm. I will just mull it over for a few more days anyway. I feel like such a geezer but I'm whooped. Time for bed. :)


Julie said...

Sign up! That $100 is a bet with yourself that you'll make it- one that hopefully will motivate you to get it done! Half training is WAY easier that marathon training- imagine, 12 as your longest run. Sorta nice.

Rachel said...

I say sign up--you can do it!!

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford