Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm "special"

I had a little accident yesterday. Not of the bodily function variety, don't worry. This accident occurred whilst performing a mundane daily activity. After rolling out of bed around 10am, I started making the bed. Now, the room we're in is on the small side and my side of the bed is about a foot away from the wall (if that). I had squeezed between that space to make my side and was side-stepping toward the foot of the bed, which faces the door, when I stepped on the bag o'shoes that I so carelessly left on the floor. Apparently I was moving too fast to feel what I was stepping on and correct myself, so instead my ankle rolled and I went down like a sack of potatoes. On the way I managed to hit not only the sharper than hell bedframe (with my thigh) but also the door (with my head). Oops. I sat there for a minute thinking, "did that really just happen?" and "what am I, 80 years old?!" I felt like such a moron. I've got a nice black and blue forming on my thigh. I think I'm going to tell people I got it in an MMA fight or something.

My "I'm just going to run and not think about it" run on Monday didn't turn out the way I planned. I brought a towel with me so that I could toss it over the clock but since the treadmill moves so much (either the floor is uneven or part of my tread is jacked up), the towel kept falling off the side. I don't have enough self discipline to NOT look at how far I've gone or how fast I'm going. I ended up doing 3.1 in 32 minutes and change. I was pretty pleased.

Today I went to a nearby trail and walked. I ran for a bit, maybe 13 minutes or so, on the way back to my car. It was a bit frustrating because the trail lacked markers - how hard is it to paint numbers on the ground?! C'mon people. My walk/run was about 45 minutes, which was nice. It was good just to get out of the house for a bit. Dave and I took a 30 minute walk around the neighborhood tonight after dinner. I like that we're on the move a little more, even if it's just walking.

Happy Hump Day.:)


chris said...

I gotta tell you, Jen, after reading that first line, I totally thought you peed your pants. So no permanent damage, I assume?

Good job on the run, BTW.

SueBob said...

Glad to hear you didn't hurt yourself too bad (I mean, you can obviously still run...)

Mizoomo said...

Hey, we all have our "special" moments! Glad you didn't get too hurt, but yeah, you're right -- the one fun part about having those moments is making up an awesome story of what really happened to cause that bruise! :-)

Good job on the run. I hate not knowing how far I've gone too though! I've gotten addicted to using to find the mileage on my train runs. Maybe it'll work for you?

Amy said...

I know that sharp part of the bed frame very well.

I'm hooked on too. Its not good for knowing what landmarks are the mile marks, but at least you know what you did total.

good job on still getting out there, though!

Irish Cream said...

Hahaha, why does this story sound so familiar? Oh wait! It's because I perform this same stunt approximately 12 times a week (and yet, I continue to leave my crap all over the place to trip over!)

Great job on the run, girl! And I agree . . . it's really fun to get in those extra sessions of movement! Yay for after dinner walks :)

julie said...

yay! if you're hung up on distance outdoors, consider a Garmin? i love mine. otherwise, check and figure your runs that way. i actually liked not knowing my pace while i was training for the marathon, though.

Rachel said...

LOL...This is totally something that I would do. I broke my pinky toe twice--both times from doing strange things. Once I was dancing to Nsync (yes way back in the day) and hit a steel toed boot in the middle of the floor. The second time I was running or leaping through a condo on vacation and caught my toe on the coffee table.

But nonetheless...great job on the run!!

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford