Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long time no blog

I've been a slacker with my blogging. I spent last week in Ohio babysitting my beautiful 7 month old niece. It was a lot more fun that I'd anticipated. :) I did manage to do my 3 weekly runs as dictated by the Virtual Training Group I belong to. If you are in need of some motivation and camaraderie, feel free to check the group out and/or join. It's good stuff. Thanks again to Chris for setting that up - great job!

I am not sure how far I ran each time but it must've been between 2.5 and 3 miles (30 minutes every time). My sister's neighborhood is perfect for running/biking/walking/rollerblading. I ran right around dusk and was fortunate enough to see the stunning full moon last week. It was bright and low in the sky and all I wanted to do was sit down and stare at it. It was unbelievable. I really need to start running with a camera.

I had some trouble getting motivated one night and happened to be on the phone with my dad. I told him that for whatever reason I was dreading the run and was thinking about putting it off until the next day. His response was brilliantly simplistic yet highly effective. He said "I have days like that too. If you break everything down into baby steps it's much easier. You don't want to run but how about just putting your shoes on? Can you do that" I could tell where he was going with it but played along. Me: "ya" Him: "Then how about stepping outside?" Me: "ok, I know..." It turned out to be just what I needed to hear. When I stopped thinking about how long/far I'd have to run and instead started at the most basic level, I had no problem getting out there. I have a bad habit of getting fixated on things and stressing out about them, which usually makes me want to just forget about whatever I'm doing and do something less stressful instead. "Why do something today that can be put off until tomorrow...or indefinitely?!" Getting started really is the hardest part but it doesn't have to be. I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful (HUGE understatement but I can't think of an appropriate all-encompassing adjective) dad.

My long run was only 6 miles and was on the treadmill. I talked a big game about going "off" the treadmill but it's just so convenient...especially when I can watch episodes of The Office while doing it. It took me just over 65 minutes to do the 6. I had minimal pain while running but afterwards I felt fantastic. I don't think I've ever felt that good after a long run. I wish I could feel like that every time.

The official results for my 5k were finally posted and my time was listed as 31:17. I about spit out my coffee as I was scrolling through the results and noticed a 72 year old woman finished in 29:40. Holy hell! I want to shake that woman's hand. How awesome is that?!


Rachel said...

I hear you on the motivation thing. I usually just think about my shoes and my running outfit and that usually helps. I don't know why but once I get them on, there is no stopping a run. So if I'm really tired, I just think about putting those clothes on and I'm good to go. Granted, if I'm out of clean spiffy running clothes and only have old T-shirts it kind of ruins this trick.

But awesome job on that 5k again! (And good job to the old lady too)

julie said...

yaaaay you're back! congrats on that great 5k time! hey if you're wondering about run distances, try http://www.gmap-pedometer.com - that's what i use.

*aron* said...

great job on the runs! sometimes getting out the door is the hardest part. i dont know how you run on the treadmill so much though, ekk i hate that thing!

and my new obsession is the office, i have been missing out! but am now fully addicted :)

Mizoomo said...

Hey, glad to see that you're back! Great job on the 5K! Congrats on the good long run too. Don't you wish they all felt like that?! :-)

Kurtito Puente said...

Thanks Jen for the welcome. My marathon was last October...Grand Rapids Marathon. It's in it's infancy compared to others (only 5 years old). Awesome race: amazing staff and flat route.

Carmen said...

hey good job! your dad is absolutely right but i tend to overstress on what the outcome should be.

last night i actually watched the office while i was working out. kept me entertained the whole time. the simpsons are also good to watch while running on the treadmill.

julie said...

hey where'd you go? i'm supposed to tell you that i tagged you: http://slowbikefastlife.blogspot.com/2008/07/i-been-done-got-tagged.html

chris said...

You have been tagged.

jenni said...

I love this little trick of your pop's... brilliant. I'm happy to see you're still on track! Miss you!

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford