Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playing tag and catch up

I'm really slacking on this blogging thing. Last week I ran 4 times, which is good...but skipped my long run, which sucks. I think I only did about 10 miles for all of last week. Blech. This Tuesday I did 3 miles outside sans ipod. Despite getting new headphones I'm still experiencing issues with the buds coming out of my ears. I think my ears are oddly shaped or something. The run went pretty well. My only complaint is that I'm having difficulty driving out the incessant "All I want to do right now is stop and walk" inner voice. It's as if my mind is incapable of forming any other thought. Maybe it has something to do with being able to hear my labored breathing...I ran past a sweet old man twice and the second time he made some friendly (I think) remark and since the only thing I could have heard over my breathing might have been 10 raging fire truck sirens, all I could do was flash my sweetest grin and keep on running. My shins slightly bothered me but could have been worse. Apart from that, since I ran earlier in the day than usual, I felt like I had sooo much energy the rest of the day. It was pretty fantastic. Of course I thought, "And why is it that I don't do this EVERY day?!" Now if I could just bottle that up and release it every time I wanted to ditch a run, I'd be golden. A few hours later I attempted a yoga routine I dvr'd on fit tv (my new favorite channel) but only lasted 15 minutes or so. I had to stop when they started doing handstands. Yeah, maybe one day but certainly not anytime soon will I be able to contort and lift and support my body the way those girls were doing it. God bless them.

Yesterday I did another 3 miles and incorporated some pickups. I ran a mile to warm up (10:25) and then did 5 two minute pickups (8:34 pace) with a 1 minute recovery (I slowed way down for these - 12:00) then ran the remaining .50 mile to complete the 3 in just under 30 minutes. I was really struggling during the last mile or so of the workout...AGAIN because all I could think about was how badly I wanted to stop. Anyone know of any at-home lobotomy kits I can pick up?! Jesus Christmas it's ridiculous.

Today I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and a 30 minute yoga routine. I felt really good after the yoga. The woman that narrates the workouts (Namaste Yoga) has such a soothing voice. I really like it. I netflix'd Rodney Yee's Power Yoga workout. I'm eager to give it a try next week.

I was double teamed or perhaps more appropriately tag teamed by Julie and Chris to share 6 random facts about myself.
Here goes:
1. I've been skydiving and can't wait to go again.
2. Ive never broken a bone.
3. I love peanut butter and jelly on toast with bacon. It's one of the most scrumpulescent snacks ever. Don't knock it till you try it.
4. I've recently started watching Days of Our Lives.
5. I want to live in a big city where I can walk everywhere and not have to rely on a car.
6. I received my one and only referral on the bus while I was in kindergarten, yes kindergarten, for "flipping the bird". I didn't even know what that meant. My friend had showed me how to do it and I turned to her and said "Brittany, is this how you do it?". The bird flew too high and I got busted.

here are the rules:

* link to the person who tagged you.
* post the rules on your blog.
* write six random things about yourself.
* tag six people at the end of your post.
* let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
* let the tagger know when your entry is up.

I'm tagging Tammie , Aron, Carmen, Adrianne. The other people I was going to tag have already been tagged. I look forward to reading the random facts. :) I hope everyone has a safe and happy July 4th! We're going to NC for a family reunion. I'm looking forward to taking in some new sights while running in a different territory.


Tammie said...

Hey there! Way to go with the yoga -- it's supposed to be an awesome workout for runners. I like the Namaste Yoga on FitTV too. I DVR them and then do different ones after certain ones. There is one episode that is summarized as one especially for long distance runners! I think that one is pretty easy -- great stretching. You're right though -- some are crazy hard! I have Rodney Yee's Power Yoga. It's very slow in the sense that he holds the poses for a long time. Some poses are crazy difficult too! I could not do some them! It's good though -- you'll be sore the next day!

Hey, thanks for the tag! I'll have to think a little big for 6 good random facts... and then find my own peeps to tag! :-)

Jenn said...

LOL at the oddly shaped ear comment because my husband says the same thing;he's been having a problem with earbuds too.

Peanut butter and jelly and bacon? Hmmm. Not sure about that.

Here's one to try: fried bologna on toast covered in cream corn. Looks like something a dog puked,but it is awesome.

Tammie said...

My tag entry is up! It's part of a super long post titled, "A few milestones". :-)

*aron* said...

can my 100th post count?? haha there is A LOT of random stuff on that! i did this same post a while back though... so you can see it there too :)

keep up the great job on the workouts!

julie said...

try the around-the-ear kind of headphones, sony makes 'em for $10. that's what i run with- those bud things suck.
as for that inner dialogue... i'm always battling it. it says "that's enough, now." it chased me through the marathon and still does today. you just have to learn to smile and sing along and think of other things. it's hard.

Karin said...

The earbuds don't work for me either, and my sister has the same problem. I think most people can't wear those stupid things.

I think we all have those inner dialogue. I start out and think, "what the heck am I doing?", then a while later, 9 miles have gone by.

I'd be more worried if you were all gung-ho, all the time!!

Keep up the excellent work!

George said...

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Keep up the good work,


MissAllycat said...

"The bird flew too high" - LOVE IT. :)

Morgan said...

I cannot keep earbuds in my ears either! I ended up buying the Nike Skylon headphones.. they are like earbuds but they have an adjustable loop that goes behind your ear-- it adjusts up/down and left/right so you can really get it to stay on. I quite like them!

*jen* said...

Thanks for the earbud suggestions. The ones I got a month or so back have the ear loop things but the bud part does not want anything to do with my ears. I did manage to shove them in my ears yesterday to the point where, although there was slight pain and discomfort (probably not a good thing), they stayed in my ears. YAY! I still may have to do more research. I will check out the websites/sets you guys suggested. :) Thanks again.

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford