Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Is it really almost October already?! Where is the time going? Not too much has been going on. I wish I could say that I've been so busy running my ass off that I've had zero time to blog about it. Not so. Last week was a bust. I missed my long run b/c as per usual, I put it off until Sunday even though all week I'd decided to do it Saturday so that I could avoid exactly what happened. I swear I'm just too smart for myself sometimes. Anyway, Saturday turned to Sunday and we had plans to go into Nashville to a sports bar to watch football. On the way there I kept telling myself (and everyone in the car with me) that I can only have a beer or two and then tons of water b/c I have to go home and run. Yeaaahhh. About that...one or two turned into several and I was enjoying myself way too much to stop and think about a freaking run. Then on Monday I felt like horse crap all day not only b/c my body felt run-down but because I was seriously racked with guilt over missing another run. I was not in a good mood AT ALL. I feel better today but still feel like a crapbag for having such a lousy week of running (or lack of).

Two weeks ago I cut my long run short and only did 6 miles. I guess the good news is that for the most part, I feel really great when I run. When I did 11 a few weeks ago, I felt like I could have easily continued. I know, 11 is still a drop in the bucket compared to what I will be doing in a month (oh my God, almost exactly!), but for whatever reason it makes me feel a teensy bit better. I will be doing at least 14 this weekend. I'm kind of at a loss for what to do b/c I know I have to increase my long runs (by quite a bit) but I'm worried I'll take that too far. I know the general rule is to increase mileage by 10% or some crap like that, but I'm going to have to throw that out the window and hope for the best.

My other concerns regarding the upcoming ass kicking of the year include the fact that I will NOT be:
1. running on a treadmill
2. while I watch tv
3. in the air conditioning
4. with my shirt off

Yikes. I am, however, excited about pace groups, which I read up on in the recent issue of Runner's World that was sent to me as a "free gift" (for 3 months - courtesy of Saturn). Has anyone used one during a race? It sounds like JUST what I need b/c every time I run outside I'm at a loss when I try to set my pace. It'll be much easier to have someone else set that for me. I'm pretty stoked about that and the prospect of having a cheerleader of sorts running with me for 26.2 miles. I really hope I'm not embellishing the role of the pace group in my head...I guess we'll see.


EmLit said...

I've always wondered about pace groups too. It seems almost like my idea of them is too good to be true, then again, I sometimes forget that the essential element is keeping up with the pace--I guess the success of the pace group really depends on your own performance, in the end! I've been considering running with one during my marathon.

MissAllycat said...

I ran with a pace group for my first half marathon. I liked it. Even though I have a Garmin, it was nice to rely on someone else to set the pace.

We came in 2 minutes slower than our projected pace...but pretty much kept even splits the entire race.

I started running with a pace group for my fourth half marathon...and had the opposite experience. The pace was all over the place and I could only stick with them for the first 3 miles before I had to jump ship. I think the pace leader was trying to "bank" time so they were going 30-60 seconds faster than the goal pace. Which was about 30-60 seconds too fast for me.

Lessons learned: Don't rely 100% on the pace group. Find out your pace leader's race strategy before the race (Walk vs. run through water stops? Banking time in the early miles? Even or negative splits?)

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

i know you might not want to hear this, but if the longest run you've done with 4 weeks to go is 11 miles you may want to think about postponing your marathon experience. typically, you'd have one more very long run this weekend and then the next three weeks would be taper.

*aron* said...

i have heard mixed things about pace groups... but it definitely just depends on the pacer and depends if you are with the right pace because they wont wait for you/you don't want them to hold you back either. but it might be just what you need! i am going to try out the pace group for my next marathon since i have done one before and i have a specific goal in mind this time.

good luck with the next couple weeks, its coming up quick!!

Rachel said...

Oh Jen...Where or where are the long runs? Sure hope to see them soon...you are coming down to crunch time!

I thought about joining a pace group but I'm not sure if I will. Since there are mega hills in KC Marathon...I have no idea what to predict for a pace.

Megan Hall said...

Just want to disagree with anon - if your goal is to finish the marathon, do one long run this weekend as you've planned and you'll probably be ok. I finished on a longest run of 13.1 miles. Congrats! Can't wait to read the report...

Emily said...

14 miles is a hefty sum. I'm rooting for you to enjoy your experience!

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford