Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Less long runs, more pain and apprehension

Sooo, the 14 miler I last blogged about was my last long run. I was sore for 2 days and on the 3rd day my right foot started bothering me enough that I couldn't help but grimace as I limped around the house and the office. Not cool. I stopped 2.5 miles into my first run last week, unable to go any farther b/c my foot hurt so bad. Unfortunately, I didn't run again last week. Yeeaahh. I know, I know. I should have done 20 miles by now...or at least 18. I'm just gonna have to wing this thing bigtime. I've been thinking about joining either a much slower group or a Galloway group during the marathon. I haven't decided which I'm leaning towards. I'm just eager to talk to the peeps at the expo and see what they think (other than the fact that I'm a moron and a slacker).

I've done 6 miles so far this week and have had a bit of pain but nothing like what it has been. Honestly, I'm not sure what to attempt this weekend in terms of a long run. To be honest, part of me is saying "Screw it. How much good can it really do? Although you WILL finish this marathon, it's going to kick your ass so hard that a few extra miles probably won't matter". Ahh, yes, I'm known far and wide as the eternal optimist...or is it the eternal procrastinator/slacker/lazy ass? Something like that.

I don't have much else to report. We had some friends in town last weekend, which was wicked awesome. We did a corn maze, watched some football and went into Nashville where we drank way too much. Oy! Oh, and I learned an impromptu physics lesson Saturday night at the bar. Let me give you a quick background: we're at a bar where a live band is playing cover songs - most of which are country. The drink special was $4 pitchers of PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon)...which were going down like water. Sometimes I get really into music, like, embarrassingly so, and begin to do things like play the air fiddle (my favorite), air guitar (not quite as common), or just jump around like a spastic moron on crack. Well, one of these "inspiring" songs came on - I have no idea what it was - but it was the kind of song that you just HAVE to get into. My chosen "dance move" at that particular moment was a sort of old-timey clap and leg slap: do a fast clap and then each hand slaps a leg in succession, then repeat very quickly over and over and over. I'm probably not explaining that well but I hope you get the picture. The problem was that I obviously couldn't do that with beer in my hands. Do I ask someone to hold it? Do I put it down somewhere? No. I put the plastic cup 3/4 full of beer in my mouth so that my teeth are gripping it. Guess what? Plastic cups flex and bounce. Guess what else? When plastic flexes and bounces (along with ones killer dance moves), whatever is in the cup splashes up (and into your face). I got maybe halfway through my second round of the quick clap/slap when the beer flew up and coated my face. We all had a good laugh. I'm glad I was good and drunk by that time or I would have been far more embarrassed (although my judgment probably would have been better than to do what I did). Anyway, the moral of the story is to simply ask someone to hold your beer before you get your groove on. Godspeed.


Julie said...

this is a tough spot to be in. Have you seen a doctor about your foot? I would say that should be first on your list.
Chances are that jumping from 14 mi to 26 mi of running you'll either exacerbate your injury or get yourself injured in some new and interesting way. 12 miles is a long way, and if the injury is bad enough, you won't make it to the finish.
You could walk it, or run till it hurts and then walk, but know that if your injury flares up there's a chance you won't finish. If you do finish, you're looking at a really slow time.
I guess here's my advice: you're underprepared, hurt, and likely to hurt yourself more. If you finish, it will be really slow, if you don't, you'll be unhappy. If you're ok with that and getting to the finish is the only goal, it doesn't hurt to go for it. If you would rather wait, run the whole way, get a more reasonable finish time, and feel good about it, that is a call you can make. Personally I'd go for the latter, but it's all about what your goal is and whether you think you'll be satisfied! BE SMART! Your supporters just want to know you're doing what you want and feeling good about it.

Rachel said...

Yikes...foot fun! I'd piggyback what Julie said. Really, it comes down to where your goals are. There is a really good chance you could come out of this thing hurting even worse with a foot injury. But I know that you have a pretty strict goal of finishing this thing. Maybe doing some Galloway style running might not be so bad...then you would at least get some walk breaks.

*jen* said...

Thanks ladies. Really, my only goal is to finish. I don't care what my time is so long as I cross the finish line more or less in one piece. If I don't despise running after the race is over, I'm sure I'll do more racing and I think I've learned my lesson and realized how stupid I am for under-training. I won't make this mistake again.

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford