Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First official training session - shaaa zaaaam!

So, I had my first training session yesterday. It was pretty easy but I moved my butt nonetheless. Dave and I walked for about 30 minutes and had 3 light jogging intervals. The jogging actually felt great and loosened my thighs up quite a bit (they had been aching from a measly mile long run Saturday and bike ride on Sunday).

I need to get new shoes, which I'm pretty excited about. What a typical female response - "I can't wait to go shopping for all the gear I need!" Sheesh.
I talked to my uncle Jed and he agreed to jog with me so we're in the process of setting up some kind of schedule. It will help a lot to have an experienced runner/marathoner to train with, and running with a partner certainly beats hopping on my treadmill.

At this point there are many unknowns with this project but I have decided on a few details of my training:

1. I will jog/do intervals at least 3 days a week
2. I will cross train (bike, walk, swim) at least 1 day a week
3. I will sign up for at least one 5k and one 10k this year prior to the marathon
4. I will keep a log of my workouts and how I feel
5. I will give my body 1 full day to rest per week

I should probably modify my diet somehow but I love food (particularly bad food) too much to think about that right now. Maybe I'll tackle that later.

I'm still deciding which marathon I will complete. I think as time goes on, I might pick a few and then create a poll on my blog for peeps to cast their vote. How fun does THAT sound?!

The training is difficult because I'm so psyched about it that I want to get off to a running start (literally) but I know I need to pull the reins back and focus on doing things a little bit slower so that I don't injure myself or burn out and lose interest. It's frustrating because I don't know how slowly to start but I'm guessing I should just listen to my body...or maybe some of the experienced runners in my family. :)

I want to thank everyone that has read my blog and left comments or emailed me. Your support means A LOT and has somehow managed to make me even more excited about this awesome project. I didn't realize that was possible because I'm totally stoked! Woo hoo!

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