Monday, February 25, 2008

Life List

Life list as of 3/12/08:

Learn a foreign language
Bungee jump
Visit all 50 states
Ride in a hot air balloon
Visit at least 3 other continents
Learn to play a musical instrument (piano) (Done, sort of. 2/07)
Take a pottery class
Take a kickboxing class DONE 2007
Take a yoga class
Skydive again
Get a professional massage
**Run a marathon
Be in a play (even if it's a small part)
See a Broadway play
Climb Mt. Rainier (or comparable mtn)
Go ice fishing
See the Northern Lights
Visit Stonehenge
Buy a house
Stand in the 4 corners of the UCAN states
Go white water rafting in stronger rapids than a class 1
Go Rappelling
Live in at least one other state (Will do this in 2008! Tennessee here we come!)
Create a fabulous "signature" recipe and keep it a secret
Go hanggliding
Go muddin' in an atv
Scuba dive
Learn how to surf
Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center
Go to Oktoberfest
Go to a pro hockey game (Yay, I did this about a month ago and loved it! 3-16-07)
Go to an Arena Football Game
Take a ballroom dancing class
Go kite surfing
Take flying lessons
Ride a 2 person bike (tandem bike?!)
Take a zip line canopy tour

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