Monday, April 7, 2008

7 miles*

When I run, I usually just sing and 'armdance' a bit (not in public, just on my treadmill at home), however, during yesterday's run it was as if a sassy, Tourette's Syndrome-having entity took over my body. NEVER have I ever spit out so many expletives during a run. It was HORRIBLE. Two things were infuriating: 1. The time and distance numbers were STUCK. I swear to God they were not moving. I was running along, thinking "I must've gone over a mile by now" and I looked down and it had only been .25 mile. Cue expletives. This went on for a few miles. 2. Everything HURT. In both legs. I was waiting for my legs to snap in half and fall off during the run. It was awful. Around mile 3.40, I turned a corner and felt 100% better. Oh, and I should also mention that on mile 1.6 I had to stop the treadmill to run upstairs because 1. my shorts kept falling down and 2. my thighs were chaffing. Sexy, I know. So anyway, (around mile 3.4) I felt a lot better for about a mile or so and then the old legs started to hurt again. It was really frustrating. I was wondering if I was even going to be able to make 5 miles...somehow I did. Between miles 4 and 5 I realized that I might as well shoot for 6 miles because it's only 4 more laps, right?! I was in desperate need of water so as soon as the 5 were up, I walked for about a minute while chugging water. Then I continued for the remainder of a mile to bring my run to a whopping 6 miles. Woo hoo, a new distance PR! And I walked for about 30 minutes earlier in the day and ran for about 11 minutes so all in all I "ran" about 7 miles yesterday. So what if they weren't all together?! It still counts as a 7 mile day, I reckon. Good stuff.

I think I just ran 3 on Friday...that sounds about right. While I was running Dave called my cell. Normally, I don't pick up the phone when I'm running but thought maybe it was something important. So I picked up.

J: hey
D: hey, what're you doing?
J: (out of breath) running
D: what?
J: RUN-(gasp,gasp)-NING
D: Oh. Ok. (this is where I thought he'd be like Ok, call me later. Not so much) Is there anything you need from Bass Pro?
J: what?! seriously? no, not that I can think of.
D: how about 30 feet of rope for $7?
J: for what?!
D: I just figured we could use it for camping or something.
J: ok, whatever you want. I don't really care...
He started saying something else and I just couldn't handle it. I told him I'd call him back. I love him tremendously but was in no mood to discuss $7 rope. On the last mile of my 3 (which is when he happened to call) I decided to shoot for a sub 10 min mile. My body wasn't pleased with that. It fought me the entire way. It was awful. Kinda disappointing but oh well.

He called back again a few minutes later.

J: you're killin me, Smalls
D: I'm sorry! I just found something you might like.
J: what's that?
D: a camelbak. maybe you could use it while running?
J: Aww, that's sweet. Thanks.

He's very thoughtful. Does anyone use these for running? I don't normally see people using them but thought I can use it for biking or hiking. So I'm excited about it.

My left thigh is still bothering me. It has been doing so since last week. Funny thing is that it doesn't bother me too much when I'm running. Perhaps I should start running everywhere?! I've been reading up to try to figure out what the heck it is that is hurting so bad. It's on the outside and middle of my thigh. I haven't been able to find anything. It's difficult to describe. I wish it'd just go away!!

In other news, I Netflicked "Marathon Challenge" was at the top of my queue for like 2 weeks before they finally sent it because it had a very long wait. It was a Nova documentary about 13 sedentary people of various ages who trained for 9 months to do the Boston Marathon. It was good. Not quite what I expected though. It was heavy on the science, whereas I was looking for the emotional/motivational stuff. I did end up a bit teary-eyed at the end when 12 of the 13 completed the marathon. I was really happy for them. I can only imagine how emotional I will be when it's ME crossing the finish line. :) My story is basically like theirs...except I'm doing it in 8 months instead of 9...and I don't have coaches, doctors and running partners at my disposal...and I'm not running Boston. But the sedentary part matches up.


Irish Cream said...

Did you get to see "Spirit of the Marathon?" when it screened in Jan/Feb? If not, I think you would totally dig it. It's screening in select locations over the next 9 months . . . if you happen to be in any of them (TN, maybe?), you should check it out :)

Amy said...

I've got what sounds like the same left thigh pain right now. My solution was to get a killer shin splint on the same leg. Now its "what thigh pain" :)
When I first found you on Runner's World you said you were shooting for an October marathon, but hadn't decided yet. Do you have one now? My big day is October 19. WOO! Whenever I think about it I want to say "Big Day!!" Like the Burger King comercials.

Emily said...

Wanted to suggest "Spirit of the Marathon" too. It was a good documentary. Motivational, uplifting etc. Also, "Run, Fat Boy, Run". Not as motivational, but funny none the less.

julie said...

ooo, i gotta get that movie!
hats off to you for treadmill running. i can't do it, it DRIVES ME CRAZY. 5mi is my treadmill max, srsly.
Chafing? try body glide! also, they're not sexy, but i wear the spandex "fitness" shorts. they help too.

Anonymous said...

you just reminded me I need to add stuff to my queue!

tmac96 said...

I totally feel your pain sister! WTG for pumping out those 6 miles though! I had to laugh at your story of your BF calling you while running. Isn't it funny how when we're just about to get annoyed, they go and do something all sweet and thoughtful?! :-)

Hey, I saw your question about those Sports Beans on my blog. I really like them. I got mine at my local Tar-jay, but they were just clearancing them a few weeks ago, so I don't know if they are still carrying them. I also saw them at Walmart though. They're usually by the vitamins. I've seen them at Fleet Feet too.

Well, I hope your next run goes much better and is pain and expletive free! :-)

MissAllycat said...

I would recommend Body Glide for the chafing. It is my savior!!

I would also recommend "Spirit of the Marathon" - great flick.

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford