Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool

So I totally forgot yesterday was April Fool's Day, however, the April Fool's Fairy did not forget about me:

April Fool's! Your alcohol tolerance isn't what you thought it was!
April Fool's! You're going to pay for your 3 beer consumption the next day!
April Fool's! You won't have time/energy/coordination to work out!

Since yesterday was Dave's last day of work, we met several of his former coworkers (who are ALL awesome. He really lucked out in that dept) for drinks/food/goodbyes. It was a FANTASTIC time and I really thought I was being conservative with my consumption but I must have miscalculated somehow. I only had 3 Shock Tops (Bud's equivalent of a Blue Moon - although this place served them sans orange slice. What a ripoff) but I guess that's all my body needed to make me feel like crap last night and today. Not cute. I really did plan on working out last night after we got home...however I had also planned on NOT drinking. But how could I say no to people wanting to buy me drinks?! That's just rude.

I am hoping I will have the time to run tonight. I'm picking Dave up after work and we're going to my Gma's house so that he can say goodbye to my relatives and eat some pizza (score!). So even if we get home at 10pm, I'm running, dammit. In addition to feeling gross from the alcohol, I feel bad that I haven't run since Sunday. It's funny how it can put me in a bad mood when I haven't done anything physical in a few days. My body has gotten used to being active and oddly enough, it kinda likes it. Good stuff.


tmac96 said...

It would be rude to turn down people buying you drinks! :-) Too bad it made you feel like crap! Hope you feel better and that you're able to run tonight. You might need a few extra slices of pizza for running fuel though. :-)

Irish Cream said...

I hear ya, girl. Every time I consume alcohol, I wonder what happened to the days of being able to drink the boys under the table. Sadness. Oh well, now I guess we can RUN them under the table . . . or something like that! Hope you feel better!

julie said...

not to be a stalker... found your blog through Runner's World and I'm enjoying reading along! keep it up, you'll get there.

Jess said...

The problem you describe here is not that you had 3 beers; it's that 3 beers made you feel icky. Clearly, you need to start training your tolerance. I suggest a regiment that mirrors your marathon training schedule -- a few key drinking days during the week (maybe incorporating a speed drinking day) and then a long drinking day on the weekend where the goal is to consume as much beer as possible before passing out.

This should get you in good drinking shape and then you won't have consequences such as these ;)

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford