Tuesday, May 27, 2008

3 miles and a 6 word memoir

After running 7 miles on Sunday, I was almost excited to run 3 today. "I just did 7. Three miles is cake". Eeehhh, sort of. I just feel like 3 miles should have turned to 4 by now and I should be faster and I should be able to do it painlessly. Enough of the "should be's". The 3 miles dragged on - I think it was my psyche's punishment on me for thinking that 3 would be so easy and would fly by like it's nothing. And my shins hurt. So that sucked. Times weren't too bad so I can't complain too much.

M1: 10:53
M2: 10:42
M3: 10:11

I really want to start speedtraining but am scared that doing so will exacerbate my shin pain. Maybe I should at least give it a shot. I also wish I knew when to push through pain and when it's better to stop. I think there's a fine line there. But does anyone really know when to say when?

I've been tagged by Emilie to do a 6 word memoir. My life in 6 words or less.

Here's what I got: Transplanted, growing, running. Finding my groove.

Hmm. Now I have to tag people. I'm not sure whether these people have been tagged yet but here goes:

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Julie: http://slowbikefastlife.blogspot.com/
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I can't wait to see what you guys come up with. :)


Amy said...

Who knew shins could hurt so much? Good job on getting back out there today though! You can dooo it, too!

chris said...

I have had the exact same experience, Jen. Once you start getting up in distance, the low numbers should be nothing, right? I wish. At least you finished the run and your splits look great good.

Great memoir, Jen!

chris said...

Great good? Obviously I need to proof read my shite before posting!

*jen* said...

Chris: Haha. I do that too, no worries. Please tell me it gets at least a TAD easier!

SueBob said...

Good job on that memoir. I am so bad at those things...how can I express who I am in just 6 words? Well, I guess I will give it a try, I will need some time though.

I absolutely hate shin splints...I mean, they seem so odd. Why would it get sore there? And they get so tender! If it was sore joints or muscles I could understand. But the shins?? Oh well, hope yours are feeling better.

Mizoomo said...

Hey, thanks for tagging me! This one sounds fun! I'll have to think for a little though -- I blab way too much. Using just 6 words will be hard for me! :-)

I'm sorry your shins are still bothering you. It is SO frustrating when an injury like that stops you doing what you really know you can do. ***Sending you good health vibes!***

julie said...

wow, i've never been tagged before!

speed training... let me just say this. i was told by several people that you can increase speed OR distance but doing both together, esp as a new runner, is recipe for injury.

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford