Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Tennessean

That's me now. Wahoo! We left Thursday afternoon at 4pm and stopped for about 2 hours at 11pm. Then we had a lovely 4am breakfast at an Awful House (aka Waffle House) in Alabama, got back on the road and got to Murfreesboro (fun fact: the "Boro" as it's called was once the capital of TN) around 9am CST. We took the truck (24 foot Budget truck) to storage and proceeded to unload the stupid thing for something like 6 hours. I was ready to rip someone's head off for several reasons at that point: I was tired, hungry, frustrated, tired, smelly, starving, etc. I think my dad would have been proud of the way Dave and I managed to stack all of our shit in that 10 x 20 unit. It was pure genius. We were all a bit apprehensive when we first started unloading everything. I think the phrase "Holy crap. No way is all our stuff going to fit in there" was uttered at least thrice (and thought at least a dozen times). But we pulled it off. Score!

The rest of the weekend was spent driving around, eating and trying to get organized. We dropped Dave's dad off at the airport on Sunday and then headed to Percy Priest Lake to be picked up by our friend and new roomie Jeff, who took us (by boat) to their camping site. It was wicked cool. It was a little more hardcore than the "camping" I'm used to; there was no toilet, no electricity, it was on an island, etc. We stayed out there for a few hours, drinking, eating and fishing. Good stuff.

My cat, Ava, who is a bit of a scaredy-cat (gross understatement) hasn't quite been getting along with Kim's cat, Marshall Mathers (yes, that's his name). Neither of them are used to being around other animals so both are having territory issues. Ava has basically been hiding under the bed 24/7. Yesterday an interesting thing happened. Ava and Marshall had been sharing a litterbox (at least that's what I thought) that was placed in another room. I was sitting at the computer desk in our room and Ava tried to run by me but was blocked by my legs. I thought nothing of it, figuring it was just another one of her spazztastic moments. Then I saw her out of the corner of my eye so I looked over and she was sitting on the air vent and was looking up toward the ceiling. I thought to myself "that's how she looks when she's taking a whiz" and then realized that that was exactly what she was doing. I couldn't believe it! In FL the vents are in the ceiling so maybe that caused some confusion...So yeah, she peed in the air vent. I was pretty mad and worried that our room and the vent would forever reek of cat piss (one of the worst smells in my humble opinion) but I managed to clean it up pretty well. So I'm hoping it will be ok. Kim was pretty good about it (thank god). I think she was much cooler than I would have been about the situation. That's why I love her. :)

As far as training goes, I finally ran tonight for the first time in about a week. Honestly I can't remember the last time I ran - yikes. Anyway, it felt pretty great. I took it slow: 2 miles @ 11:19, 1 @ 11:08. All day yesterday and today I've felt so groggy. I've been completely exhausted for NO reason. I haven't done anything but some cleaning, driving around and shopping. What's so friggin exhausting about that?! As much as I wanted to continue sitting on the couch drinking Pomegranate Margaritas (best drink ever. No joke.), I hopped on the tread with the intent of doing at least 2 miles. My legs felt fantastic: no pain at all. I think it also helped that Kim has a small tv in her garage (where the tread is) and she put on Chappelle's Show. I couldn't hear it because we had music on but having something to focus on prevented me from checking my time/mileage every 30 seconds. So that was cool. I think instead of sleeping in tomorrow (because that's what we unemployed people do) I'm going to get up early and run. I'd like to make a habit of starting my day out like that. What was incredible was how clear-headed I felt after the run. I felt motivated to do something productive. Since it was after 9 pm when I got done, there weren't too many productive things I could do, so I showered, called my mom, and decided to finally get my blog on.

Oh, I almost forgot, I bought an iPod Shuffle a few days ago per Julie's suggestion. I can't wait to use the little guy. It's bright green and I love it. I thought about going with the nano or something a little bigger but I think the Shuffle should be more than enough for me. I think that's it for now. Sorry this was so long. I have a TON of blog reading to catch up on since I haven't been on for almost a week. I hope everyone is doing well! :)


*aron* said...

congrats on the move!! moving is SOO tiring and draining, no wonder you are tired! good job for getting a run in - my mind always feels so clear after also, its great! i just got the shuffle a few weeks ago (mine is purple) and i LOVE it! i was lugging around a bigger ipod before and the little shuffle is so convenient - you are going to love it!

julie said...

yay, music! and after this weekend I can confirm that the battery lasts at least 5:30...:)
keep at it! when I used a trainer for biking I'd listen to music and watch the news or bike racing on closed caption. nice to see something aside from the little progress on the trainer.

Amy said...

Welcome back! I've never moved that far in my adult life (as in since building up a ton of owned crap). It sounds stressful! Its funny that you mentioned your cat peeing in the air vent. When I had first moved in with my friend a couple years ago, our two cats shared a litter box. One day I was going to the bathroom myself and my Ashley was just hanging out in the bathtub, nothing new. The next thing I knew, she had centered herself over the drain and peed straight down it! It kind of grossed me out at first, but then I just figured if she wasn't going to use her litter box, a drain that goes straight to the sewer system is best case.

SueBob said...

One of my cats has peed on all sorts of things (she has some litter box issues) but has never used an air vent! That is one pretty creative cat.

Glad to here you are settling into the new place. You should try to get to know the neighborhood...are there any good running routes nearby?

Morgan said...

Congrats on a successful move and getting back into running! I must admit, I laughed out loud at the thought of your cat peeing on the air vent! Enjoy your new piece of technology.

tmac96 said...

I am so glad to hear that your move went well! That's funny that you live in "the Boro" -- I live in a town called Streetsboro and everyone calls is "the Boro" too! That or "Streets-tucky!" (Some of the people around here are a little uh..."country". :-) ANYWAYS, I hope your cat makes a better adjustment too. Peeing in the vents? AHHHHH! Don't feel too bad. When my DH was cleaning out our fish tank, he turned around for just a moment, but long enough for my cat to take a dump in it. GRRRR. Oh well. Can't wait to hear about your new adventures!

Emily said...

I had a friend who's cat used to pee in the vents too. She hired a cat whisperer or whatever and the person said her cat was bored and needed more excitement. I guess she had to get toys that dispense food and make the cat work for it or something. Maybe google it. I'm not a whisperer myself.

Kevin said...

I still can't stop laughing about that story... that cracks me up!

It's crazy that you've been gone a week - it seems longer and shorter all at once.

Alton Brown had a "Good Eats" pomegranate edition and it made me want to buy one and clean it... he made homemade grenadine and the whole works. It made me want to try a granat-ini. We'll have to make them when I come up!

Rachel said...

Sounds like the move went well! I, too, just invested in another I-Pod. I got a nano though so I could use the NIke+ feature on my runs...but have yet to put music on it...yikes. Have fun unpacking!

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford