Sunday, March 16, 2008


So, Thursday was my massage. I don't think 90 minutes has ever gone by so quickly! It was fantastic!! I'm very glad that the masseuse knew it was my first massage. She did a really good job of making me feel comfortable and explaining things to me (not that there was THAT much to be explained: you strip and lay on a friggin table, but still). The room was small and dark with candles lit and a table in the middle of the room at a diagonal angle. There was just enough light to see the warm light brown walls and inspiring* (I'm really ashamed to admit that I just typed "inspirating" and had to correct myself a few minutes later after rereading what I'd typed. Sheezus.) and relaxing words on the wall: "love, light, energize, gratitude", etc. It was cute. So I hung my clothes up on the wall hooks, took my jewelry off and hopped on the bed. There was a weird body mold thingy under the sheet (light brown jersey sheets in case you were curious - and they smelled fabulous: Downy fresh) and she had instructed me how lay and what anatomy went where: "stomach here, breasts here, neck here, head here". She came in a few minutes later and turned soft music on. It was some sort of "landscapes" or "seascapes" type of cd. Very relaxing stuff.

She asked me a few questions which was kind of awkward because the headrest muffled my responses but I didn't want to pick my head up and interrupt anything she was going to do on my back or neck. So I kind of just mumbled and apparently that was ok because we just kept talking for a few minutes. She took warm towels and placed one across my upper back, and one on each of my feet. Ahhhh. Then she just dove in. At times I would have sworn there was another person in the room massaging me as well. Both hands would be running down one arm, gently but firmly massaging and then all of a sudden I'd feel pressure going down my back while my arm was still being massaged. I seriously wondered if maybe someone else slipped in the room while my eyes were closed. Fortunately, I don't think that happened. I think she was just THAT good. And she always had at least one hand on me, massaging. There were a few little parts that hurt; as I was laying on my stomach she bent my leg up and rotated my lower leg in a circle as she pressed her other hand on various points of my gluteus muscles. I was really paranoid that she would hit some sort of reflex and I'd kick the crap out of her. Lucky for both of us, my worries were for naught. After massasing everything from my back to feet to arms to hands, she made me flip over so that she could work on my face (a nice surprise), head and neck. At one point, I almost lost it and started cracking up because some weird song came on that sounded like a bird making a crow-like "caa" noise and this coincided with her lifting my head up and turning it to the side. I wondered if I was on some hidden camera puppet show. I would have felt like a psycho if I'd have started laughing because I don't think I could have explained it well and God knows sometimes people don't find the same things funny that I do. A while later, just as I was drifting into a completely new level of consciousness, I noticed her hands weren't on me anymore. I opened my eyes and saw here with clipboard in hand and she said "ooohhhkkaaayyyyy..." I said, "Please don't tell me it has been 90 minutes already. There is no way". She just laughed. I'm sure she gets that a lot. Not that I thought she was a dishonest person, but as soon as she left I checked my watch - in case she'd pushed the clock in the room ahead - she hadn't. I think my only suggestion would be to design a new face rest with a drool cup. When I was laying on my stomach, every few minutes I'd have to (very quietly) kind of slurp and make sure I wasn't going to drool on the floor. I'm sure I wouldn't have been the first though. So all in all, it was a fantastic experience. If I could, I would get a massage every single day.

Unfortunately, I decided to take Thursday off from training (thinking, "I'll just jog tomorrow before we leave". Wrong! DO NOT put off for tomorrow what you can do today!) Friday I got home late (stupid traffic) and was too irritated and tired and didn't have as much time since we were leaving for Sebring. I walked a bit on Saturday and walked 2 miles on Sunday...I was going to jog when we got home today but it didn't happen. So tomorrow, I've got to get back with the program. Dave got me some books on running for my bday, as well as a new Lenny Kravitz cd. YAY!!! No more skipping! Oh, and headphones for my mp3 player. Woo hoo! :)

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Anonymous said...

I love this Blog I was having an ok Day and I was reading this one and i started to laugh so much others starting looking at me...
You are doing a great job with the running.... GO Jen GO

Kim D'Angelo

"If you think you can, or think you can't, you're right."

~Henry Ford