Thursday, March 13, 2008


On Tuesday and Wednesday I did 3.5 miles each day. Tuesday: 3.5 miles/45 minutes total: .25 mile warm up, 3 miles of 4/1 intervals, .25 cool down. My shinsplints were bothering me in my left leg but it wasn't too bad. Then on Wednesday I jogged 3 miles straight. I started out thinking "Ok, I'm just going to jog 2 miles. I don't want to push it too hard". Then since the time was about 23 minutes, I figured I may as well just run 30 minutes total. As the 30 minute mark approached I noticed that I had gone over 2.5 miles and figured I may as well make it a nice round number and stopped after 3 miles. Then I did a long cool down: about 10 minutes. My left shin and both ankles bothered me a bit but I was happy to have gone 3 straight miles. And my time for the 3 miles was 33.44, which is almost 30 seconds faster than the 3 mile jog I did with my aunt and uncle a while back. During the jog I did 2 fartleks (that's what the Swedes call "speed play"). I wasn't quite sprinting but significantly picked up my pace for 30 seconds during the first one and then 5 minutes later did a minute long jaunt. The original plan was to do one every 5 minutes but I was worried I would hurt myself. Overall it was a good workout though.

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