Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feelin' good

Wow. I feel great. I just got off the tread. My workout was splendid. In fact, I was feeling so good after I was done with the running portion that I walked another .75 miles (also because I wasn't quite ready to end my private "Jen sings Maroon 5" concert). I warmed up for 5 minutes (.25 mile), then ran 1 mile at 11:50, the second mile at 11:45, and the third at 10:29. Yay for negative splits! So, including the walking portions my workout was 4 miles. Should I be counting my warm ups and cool downs in my mileage? I think the way I've been doing it has sort of been a mixed bag. Oops. Oh well.

I have no idea where the energy is coming from but today and yesterday, my legs have just been wanting to sprint their little hearts out. My typical slower pace is simply not sufficient for them. It's like they're saying "c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, can we PLEASE go faster?!" So slowly I increased my speed until I found a comfortable pace where it didn't feel like the bottom half of my body was going to miraculously split and take off running in front of me. I can't properly express how wonderful I felt while I was running. It was insane. Maybe a music change was what I needed in my workouts or something. I was running along, singing my heart out with as much passion and vigor as Adam Levine himself (and far more arm movement, bravado and ridiculous facial expressions). Could this be my very own "runner's high"?! Whatever it is, I'll gladly accept it.

Yesterday I did a quick warm up, then ran 2 miles and quickly cooled down. I think my pace was somewhere between 10 and 11 minutes/mile...whatever I started out at I gradually increased speed and I think my final half mile was at 10 minutes/mile. Good stuff.


Irish Cream said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi! I just wanted to say that I love what you're doing with the Birthday Challenge . . . that's such a wonderful way to stay on top of accomplishing all the things you'd like to in life.

Sounds like you're doing really well with your '08 challenge--it's a great one for sure! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Can I vote for NYC as your first marathon? The huge crowds are really energizing, and you can't beat an excuse for a trip to the Big Apple! (Although I must admit, beer is kind of expensive here!) :)

Carmen said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog! what marathon are you shooting for this year?

good luck in working your way to conquering that goal! i'll be stepping in to keep up with your progress. :)

Amy said...

My sister and I are training for a marathon in October too! She lives 7 hours away, so it is something we can do together. You have to get the book "The Non Runner's Marathon Guide for Women". Whether you are a runner or not, this book is crazy funny and has some really great advice.


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